We would like to thank our partners and friends in the flight sim community for their support in making our hobby enjoyable, here a few amongst many taking part in #FlyJuly21

Panel discussion

This month will also feature a livestreamed Cross-Community Panel Discussion on The Future of At-Home Flight Simulation.

At 2000 GMT on Saturday, July 24.

Developers and flight simmers from Aerosoft, HeliSimmer, Orbx, Parallel 42, TFDi Design, and more will come together to talk about the state of home flight simulation—live!

The panel will address questions like “how has the release of MSFS changed the community?” and “what does the availability of flight simulators on gaming consoles mean for the future of add-on development?”

Moderated by Calum from FSElite, the 90-minute live session will be available across social media, through Flight Simulation Association, and on the Orbx YouTube channel.

Royal Flying Doctor Service

Virtual Flights to Keep the Flying Doctor Flying!

We are proud to partner with the Royal Flying Doctor Service this year to help with the vital work of the RFDS in Australia and will be hosting a charity Livestream with giveaways!

Join Orbx, Novawing24 and the RFDS, along with the flight simulation community, on Saturday 17th July at 2100AEST (1100GMT) to explore the beauty of regional Australia to raise funds for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. This is an open community event that you can participate in via Microsoft Flight Simulator or watch live on Twitch!

Throughout the stream, you will be able to experience the rugged beauty of Australia, from centre to coast as we fly from RFDS Bases around Australia in Microsoft Flight Simulator. We will be following in the footsteps of the aeromedical work of the Flying Doctor as we hear experiences from those who have lived it.

Throughout the stream, donations will be being accepted to support the vital work of the RFDS supporting regional and remote communities all around Australia.

We are proud to partner with the RFDS and Novaing24 for this stream and we will be offering giveaways throughout the stream from our product library.

So mark Saturday 17th July in your calendar and we will see you in virtual skies and on

NovaWing has also developed some amazing MSFS aircraft textures which you can download soon from OrbxDirect.

Australia is a big place — 7.69 million square kilometers big — and with a relatively small population of @25 million people.

Two thirds of our population live around the regional coastlines and the remaining third live across rural and remote areas — sometimes more than a 6 hour drive to the closest township.

Access to health services can be a problem. Services that are taken for granted in the city are routinely just not possible outside metro areas, and this creates real hardship for the families and communities living in the bush.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service works to reduce the disparity of health service access. We bring emergency medical and primary health services to those areas that don’t have access. We make it possible for people to live, work and travel across this large continent.

You can get the aircraft livery packs here:

Beechcraft King Air 350i RFDS VH-VPQ 2021 Livery

Beechcraft King Air 350i RFDS VH-VPQ 2019 Livery

Beechcraft King Air 350i RFDS VH-VPX 2019 Livery

Beechcraft King Air 350i RFDS VH-VPX 2021 Livery

Cessna 208B RFDS VH-NQC Livery

Cessna 208B RFDS VH-NQD Livery

These textures have been created in partnership with the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia, and proceeds from the sale go directly to supporting their ongoing efforts, 50% of each sale goes to the RFDS. By purchasing this livery, you are helping to keep the Flying Doctor Flying!


We would like to thank our friends at Thrustmaster for giving away 1x TCA Sidestick Airbus Edition in each of our community fly-ins.

One person during each stream of our fly-ins will be chosen at random to win this lucky prize!


Check the fly-in stream schedule on our home page.

Mini Challenge JCW championship

The first race weekend of the Mini Challenge JCW championship  happened back in late June. Max started as we hoped with a pole position in qualifying followed by 2nd and 3rd places in the first 2 races and then a 10th place in the reverse grid 3rd race, which has put him 3rd in the championship. 
The race was run under covid restrictions so was limited to 4000 trackside spectators, with the 3rd race being covered live on television.
Well done to Max and the crew for some amazing race podium positions and overall championship!


VATSIM is the world’s largest online flying network with over 115,000 active members. VATSIM members make up a small part over the overall flight simulation community, so why do they choose to fly or provide Air Traffic Services online and what benefits are there to it?

VATSIM is the world’s largest online flying network with over 115,000 active members. VATSIM members make up a small part over the overall flight simulation community, so why do they choose to fly or provide Air Traffic Services online and what benefits are there to it?

Firstly, it is fun! As virtual aviators, we all share a love of aviation. I bet all of us get caught looking up every time an aircraft passes overhead. We seek to bring that passion in our hobby as close to the real world as we can within our flight simulators. Flying online on a network such as VATSIM, adds multiple realism layers such as interacting with air traffic controllers, changing frequencies, talking on the radio, and dealing with the unexpected, such as a runway or arrival change close to your destination. 

Even the best offline Air Traffic Solutions cannot replicate sense of accomplishment after arriving at an airport during a busy event. This is about as close as you can get to really flying into a busy terminal in the real world! Flying online is also very educational. For instance, VATSIM members have access to many basic and advanced aviation education materials for free and can practice communications and procedures with live Air Traffic Controllers utilizing real world procedures for the area of the world they are flying. Things that you may not need to know for offline flying such as proper radio telephony, reading and interpreting weather, arrival, and departure procedures, holding, go around procedures, and many more topics necessary for real world operations are taught and used on VATSIM. As a learning environment, online network use will increase your knowledge base and if used correctly with other materials can pay dividends in real world training.

The best part of flying online, however, is the community aspect. Nowhere in offline flying, can you interact with another person that shares your passion for virtual aviation. Online Networks are full of other people who share that passion. Even the busiest and best ai-traffic addons can not replicate the feeling of seeing another aircraft on VATSIM, knowing that behind that aircraft is another person who shares the same joy for aviation that you do! Life-long friendships and professional connections are forged every day flying online, and there is nothing better than getting something real out of a virtual organization.
Getting started in online aviation can be a little daunting given the perceived learning curve. However, the benefits far outweigh the negatives. VATSIM especially, prides itself on welcoming new members and providing educational opportunities so that they can become the experienced online aviators that we know they can be. Everyone will make mistakes, even the most seasoned veterans do as well. As many of the inspirational stories listed on this website will tell you, it was worth it as online aviation greatly benefited our careers.